Angular 2 – The WHATS & Why???

So now that I have to work using this wonderful technology, I have been trying to learn it.

Here’s my bit of understanding in a series the way I keep learning it…

What is Angular?

Angular is a leading framework for building JavaScript heavy applications and is often used in building single page applications or SPAs.

What is SPA?

In a standard web application, when we click a link, entire page is reloaded. In a SPA, instead of reloading the entire page, we replace the view that is in a content editor with another view.

It provides very fast and fluid experience.

Gmail is a fantastic example of SPA.

Why Angular 2?

There are multiple frameworks with the same offering, then why angular?

  • It is one of the leading frameworks that has been around for quite a few years now.
  • It is been re-written with the best practices for the future.
  • It has a huge community support backed by Google and is not going anytime soon.
  • The demand of angular development is increasing tremendously.

Note – Angular 2 is entirely new framework and has no dependency on Angular 1.x


Angular 2 is entirely written in Typescript

  • For any large JavaScript project, adopting Typescript results in a robust software.
  • It is a typed super set of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript. You can say, any valid JavaScript is typescript.
  • It primarily provides optional static typing, classes, interfaces, modules, access modifiers, etc., basically like any other object oriented programming language.
  • The TS files get converted to JavaScript, hence, while deploying it is the JS files that run the application.
  • It is open source, and Integrated Development Environment (IDEs) are there to provide Intellisense and compile time checking. IDE could be Microsoft Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code.


For key components of angular 2, go to my next post in the series…


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