Change default font of a rich text box in SharePoint

Requirement – To change the default font – style of the rich text box
The multiple lines of text field, when selected as rich text or enhanced rich text has an advantage of styling the content inside at the run time, which is actually very helpful.

But then I ran into the situation where the user asked me to change the default font-style and font-size. They didn’t wanted to go through the process of changing the styles every-time a user fills in the rich text box. Also, this was to ply with the organization’s standard styles.

So, the solution is to write css.

The default style is defined in the core.css file. Hence, to change the default values, either a new css can be created or the style can be written in a content editor web part of the new form. The class for the rich text box is .ms-rtestate-write.

Below is the css to style the rich text box.

<style type="text/css">
       FONT-FAMILY: Calibri; 
       COLOR: grey; 
       FONT-SIZE: 11pt

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