Read the recurring event and calculate the date of next occurrence using Nintex – Part 2

In my previous post Reading the recurring events in a SharePoint calendar using Nintex – Part 1, I discussed how the data gets structured in the XML format when a calendar event happens to be recurring. Now let us focus on how to extract the required information from that XML and calculate the next occurrence of the event. This will enable us to send reminder emails to the users before the event.

You ought to have a lot of patience since there is quite a lot of work posted here. Be persistent!

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Reading the recurring events in a SharePoint calendar using Nintex – Part 1

Recurrence in SharePoint’s calendar list is a wonderful feature that allows the creation of events that may be recurring in nature. It could be daily or weekly or monthly or yearly recurrence.

Once a recurring event is created, it is smart enough to update dates in the calendar accordingly.

Amazing! huh!!

Now I am not writing this post to tell you the benefits of recurrence in a calendar list. I have my own reasons.

My requirement was to send reminder emails to the users 4 days in advance from the date the event is to happen. Also, an email should go on the same date of event.

I was under the impression that it should be pretty simple. But my conviction was lost when I saw that the start time is the date of 1st occurrence and end time is the date of last occurrence. Which means the dates that come in between are not logged anywhere for me to do the comparison and send out emails. Although the calendar view of the list shows all occurrences properly.

So the foremost concern was to get the recurring information of the event.

A lot of research led me to my findings which I am sharing here, so that you don’t have to invest your time in it.

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Hiding Recurrence, workspace and all day event columns in a SharePoint Calendar List using SharePoint Designer– Part2

Last time I said in my previous post how to hide specific columns (recurrence, workspace and all day event) in a calendar list – Hiding Recurrence, workspace and all day event columns in a SharePoint Calendar List – Part1 using JavaScript.

But as it goes, there can be multiple ways to do a task. So, here i am with another method to do the same without using any code.

It is basically the SharePoint Designer that proved so helpful. So, the steps are:

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Format date to get date components

Many times there is a need to segregate the components of a date column. For instance, the date, month, year or the day of the week.

They are needed to perform multiple calculations and also may be responsible to define some logic. So, here goes my post that gives an insight of how to isolate the date components using Nintex workflows. Continue reading