Hiding Recurrence, workspace and all day event columns in a SharePoint Calendar List – Part1

Hiding a column in a SharePoint list had never been a big thing. You get the option to manage the content type and make the columns required, optional or hidden. Pretty simple, huh!

But have you ever tried this for a calendar list. Because it’s this calendar list that gave me the reason for this post.


I got this requirement in a calendar list to hide the start time, end time, all day event and workspace columns. On checking the columns in the event content type of a Calendar list, I found that there are two categories of site columns – one set that appears as link and the other set which appears as plain text.


The columns that are links, for them appearance could be changed easily by making the column setting as hidden/optional/required.

However, there was no such option for columns such as Recurrence, All Day Event and Workspace. So how do we hide such columns, since I didn’t want any of it to be visible on my forms.


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401 Unauthorized error while calling a web service

I have already written about the 401 Unauthorized error earlier here. But I faced something else which I thought I should write to save someone else’s time.

Being the site collection administrator I didn’t expect this error, however when trying to access a web service from my site’s workflow I encountered it. Twice this has happened to me while moving my applications to the production server and I made it a point to write about it.

Background – My application has a Nintex workflow that uses the “Call Web Service” action. This action made a call to the copy.asmx web service. Worked all good until it was in my development and UAT machines. The moment I moved it to the live environment, it started throwing the 401 Unauthorized error. I ensured that the account accessing the web service has full control (also made it site collection administrator), still the error didn’t go.

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