Status List in SharePoint 2010

This category of SharePoint list is something I could never find much information about. And of course, as always, I had an encounter with it very recently. So here is my part and understanding of a Status list.

A status list is a special form of SharePoint list that shows the status of an activity in comparison to the goal set.

Let us consider a simple scenario. I have my workflow task list and there are multiple approval tasks for completion. The target date to complete them is say five days after the task is created. So using a status indicator list I can get a pictorial glance, a report that would state the current status of the tasks i.e. on track or warning or a problem. So this list would let you know, without any calculations, if results are on target or off target.

A status indicator is actually an item in the status list. It has typically three icons

  • green – good performance
  • red – problem
  • yellow – warning

To create a status list, go to Site Actions -> More Options -> Filter by ‘List’ -> Select Status List and create a list.

Now our motive is to show the status of our workflow tasks, so lets do some configuration in the workflow tasks list before creating status indicators here.

In the workflow task list, create below columns

  1. Review Due – calculated column which is ‘=Created Date + 5’Status1
  2. KPI Score – calculated column which is ‘=([Review Due]-Created)*100’

This column is used for some logic in my application. You can use any other column as well.

So now after the columns are created, the workflow task list looks like below

Create a view on this workflow task list that lists the tasks that are incomplete.

Now back to the status list. Let us create our first indicator.
Add new item of type SharePoint List Based Status Indicator

Total Status – Configure as below


So now the status indicator is added and looks like below


So now when you look at this status list, you would get to know that it is in the warning phase .

You could also put up this status indicator in your page in a web part in the Business Data category -> Status list

Hope this helps…


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