Query SharePoint List using a Person field/ checked out user

Here is what I am trying to accomplish

1.) Query all the list items that are checked out.

2.) Get the checked out user names and store in a collection variable

3.) Email to that user with the name of the items checked out to this user only. One email is going to contain all item names that is checked out to one user only. There might be multiple items checked out by the same user multiple times.

Well, it appears to be quite simple and straight forward given the Nintex actions we have, but despite that it took me some real good time to achieve this. So, I’m going to share my pain area in this task and the solution. Continue reading

Status List in SharePoint 2010

This category of SharePoint list is something I could never find much information about. And of course, as always, I had an encounter with it very recently. So here is my part and understanding of a Status list.

A status list is a special form of SharePoint list that shows the status of an activity in comparison to the goal set.

Let us consider a simple scenario. I have my workflow task list and there are multiple approval tasks for completion. The target date to complete them is say five days after the task is created. So using a status indicator list I can get a pictorial glance, a report that would state the current status of the tasks i.e. on track or warning or a problem. So this list would let you know, without any calculations, if results are on target or off target.

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Nintex Flexi Task – Approval by all users & capture individual comments

Very often when I use the ‘Assign Flexi Task’ action in my Nintex workflow, the general behaviour or approval option I select is the first response to the task. This means if there are multiple approvers for my task, whatever is the first response will be the outcome of the task. Other approvers don’t need to respond to the task. This actually served my purpose so far.

But recently, I had this scenario to get my task approved by all users. Of-course, the behaviour ‘All must agree on a specific outcome’ is available in Flexi Task action. which had the additional advantage – If any one approver out of many rejects the task, reject the whole task. Others don’t need to respond. However, something additional was also required, and that was to capture the comments of rejection. This didn’t appear to be a very straight forward task, so I made it a point to blog about it. Continue reading

Copy files from one Document Library to another using Nintex Workflow

To copy current item to a destination list/library, we have “Copy Item” action. To copy the InfoPath form or the embedded attachments for the current item, we have “Copy to SharePoint” action. But what when we need to copy documents from one library to another…

Well, to accomplish this, SharePoint exposes a web service called Copy.asmx that allows us to copy files from one location to another using the CopyIntoItemsLocal web method.

Requirement – For every item created in some list, create a new folder in a destination library B and copy documents/templates from source library A into that folder. Folder name being a unique property of the item (here ‘CRID’).

Solution – Create a workflow with below steps to copy documents/files Continue reading

Create Appointment using Nintex & Trust Relationship Error

The super awesome workflow tool Nintex comes with many inbuilt actions, in-fact you can find solution to most of your problems here. You just need to configure them.

“Create Appointment” Action under User Interaction section is one of them.

I had this requirement to create an appointment/meeting using the workflow. I got this straight-forward action – Create appointment. The configuration goes like this Continue reading