Redirection to a page on InfoPath form closure inside an InfoPath Form Web Part

Info Path Form Services is a wonderful component of Microsoft Office that allows the development of simple forms with moderate complexity. The service allows Info Path forms to be hosted in a SharePoint web site and served using a browser-based interface. With only rules and no code (most of the time) and a browser enabled form, the Info Path Form works for machines even though the Info Path client is not installed. In a nutshell, the Info Path form solves much of your problems without writing any code and even without the client – quite useful to me most of the times.

Problem Statement
However, every time I create a rule to close the Info Path form after submit or cancel event, I end up with a message “Form has been closed”. My users were definitely not happy with it. They wanted to be redirected to some page after they close the form, instead of seeing the above blank message and again going to the desired page through navigation. So I thought to find a permanent solution to this and put an end to this problem. Here goes my post explaining the same. Continue reading

Show/Hide content based on permission

SPSecurityTrimmedControl class in SharePoint can be used to show or hide contents of a page based on the current user’s permissions. When the class is used on an .aspx page or a Master Page, the content contained inside the tag will be visible only to users that match the criteria/permission specified using some properties of the class.

Uses – The visibility of links to the built-in pages in the layouts directory such as the Site Settings or View All Site Content page can be controlled. Also, visibility of sections of the ribbon can be controlled. All this can be done when a custom Master Page is being used.

Where to apply – This can be applied to a Master Page, Application page or .aspx page such as a Web Part Page or Page Layout. Continue reading

Creating links & bookmarks in a wiki page

I got a chance to work on a wiki site recently, that needed me to develop links within the page(bookmark) and outside the page as well.


My scenario was to have a site as close to Wikipedia as possible. So, comes into picture the content of the page i.e. links pointed to different headings in the same page. This is called bookmarking or creating links within the page. Continue reading