Collection Operation – Nintex

Every time I work with the collection variable, I am in dilemma as to which method to use in collection operation, which method would best handle my situation/get data from the collection one at a time. So, here is a little demonstration of the collection operation’s methods.

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XML parsing using Nintex

You access a web service to get some detail and end up with a big xml variable with multiple nodes. How do you get the exact node’s value. Let’s figure out.

Step 1 – Call Web service

I call the web service Lists.asmx and use the web method GetList. Pass the listname (here Expenses2) as parameter and run the web service now.


Copy this xml and keep it saved, may be in a text file. (You’ll need it a couple of times)

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How to set current user details in an Info Path form

userName() method of Info Path form returns the user id/ account id. To get other details such as display name, email id, manager, phone number, etc., we can use the web service “UserProfileService.asmx”

Lets say we want to get the display name, email and accound id for the currently logged in user.

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Clubbing InfoPath Form & Nintex Approval Form

Whenever an Info Path form published to a form library has to undergo approval using Nintex, the default approval form will have options to approve/reject and provide the comments. However, not all details of the form can be seen on the same page (until it is a list item’s approval page). Only the fields promoted from the Info Path form to the library can be seen in the approval page. So here’s the reason why I’m posting this article. In my case, the customer came back to me saying why can’t they have a single form that displays the details of the library item i.e. the Info Path form along with an option to approve / reject at the bottom of the same form. So, a bit of research helped here and here’s the solution.

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